Academic Facilities
  • Dedicated leased line for 24×7 uninterrupted wi–fi connectivity in campus.
  • Well designed tier-style classrooms with multimedia facilities.


IAME also boasts of its library, which is a modern, high-tech space. It is a resource center that caters to the academic requirements both of the students and of the researchers who are pursuing specialized areas of enquiry. The library is well stocked with the classical books on management, the latest works of management gurus, popular management texts, books of general interest, audio-visuals and with the best selling magazines and journals, including the ‘Harvard Business Review’.

Mr. G. K. Sandesh Kumar – B.Com, M.Sc (LIb & I. Sc.), UGC- NET-JRF, (Ph.D) – Librarian, IAME.

He is a 3rd Rank holder in Dept. of Library & Information Science of Kuvempu University, Shivamogga. He has written an article on Designing of Community Information System using Google page creator. The same has been published & presented at ILA International Conference held at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

IT Lab

All students have access to the uninterrupted wi-fi connectivity on campus. The IT lab is an 1800 sq.ft. area positioned on the first floor of the admin block. The lush trees peep through its windows, making the place anything but boring or mechanical. It is an ideal haunt of scholars and Geeks who are working on their project work, case studies and presentations. It is also for those who reach out to the enormous world outside the campus via the internet.


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