International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship
Bangalore - India

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"Be A Part of India’s top 1% B-School

Accredited in 2016 by “NAAC – National Assessment and Accreditation Council“
(An autonomous Institution of the UGC; Min. of HRD; Govt. of India)"

"Admissions Open for 2018 Batch- CAT/MAT/XAT/I-CET / K-MAT / C-MAT Scores Accepted. Ranked 35th in India and Ranked Top 11th in South India. Excellent Placements-Live Projects-Industry Interphase"


Mr. Chrisopher Johnson – Director Corporate Relations

He has 26 years of national and international experience in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and also revolutionize the corporate internship programme all over India. His entire focus being on concept design and product launches and all have them have been from ground zero. His current interest is immensely addressed towards student and faculty development. Training to the aspiring students are focused on keeping them informed about the ground reality in terms of expectation, personality development, social responsibility ,patriotism, respecting mother nature and taking care of all the resources around you to name a few. And also bridging the divide between the student community and industry requirement. 



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