Mission & Vision


To accomplish our vision, we have our own pedagogical approach with emphasis on CREST and a socially conscious value-based education through:
  • Management Skills practice as a part of curriculum
  • Subjects taught by industry practitioners
  • Extensive corporate interface
  • Comprehensive career management


To be a role-model in business education by creating new-age managers for India through a unique pedagogical model that infuses the DNA of innovation and creativity of the highest order to dovetail the global economy.

Welcome to your home of learning

IAME, Bangalore is a premier Management Academy unique in its emphasis on soft skills enhancement. In addition to academic excellence, IAME curriculum promotes communication skills, EQ and SQ. These are recognised as mandatory skills for creating leader-managers who can negotiate confidently in today’s multi-cultural business environment. IAME has an integrated campus with all learning facilities requisite of a business school.

About Nalanda Education Trust

Nalanda Educational Trust (NET) and International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship (IAME) was set up by Dr. Ramesh Babu and Mr.Bilu MV with the guidance of Mr.HB Shivkumar in the year 2007 (07-07-2007). They shared with each other the vision of India as a developed country: a land of ample opportunity, specialized training and with the sense of social accountability. In order to translate this vision for India into reality, NET & IAME was established.
Now it is running under the captaincy of Mr.H.B.Shiva Kumar ably supported by Mr. Mahantesh B Nelavigi an MBA from London for taking the institute to greater heights.
NET provides the funds for IAME. The academy is, hence, not just a Management School but a fulfillment of the promise made to the society by NET’s Trustees.

Our Motto:


CREST Principles: