Management Speak
H B Shivakumar
Education is not plucking of fruits.
It is learning to plant trees.

Management Education in India is polarized between two distant extremes. At one end are the elite institutes which churn out products for the western world, with little regard for Indian needs. At the other end are colleges which teach management like any other course with the primary objective of passing the exams. This situation has led to pseudo employment of our Management graduates.
IAME believes that, if India is to realize its dream of being a global leader, it needs managers at all levels, not mearly in the boardrooms. It needs both Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. Also, as an international player, our youth need to become seamlessly connected to the world. What India needs is Indian Management with international perspective, while retaining Indian ethos and values.

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Try hard to get what you like,
or you will be forced to like what you get

Most management institutes in India are more or less clones of one another. Each one of them conducts courses mandated by the affiliated boards and universities with similar syllabi. However, those wishing to pursue management education must look for an institute which not only gives them the facility to obtain a degree, but also make them ready for their careers, not just jobs.
We, at IAME, have put in systems which are directed towards this fundamental need of our prospective students.
IAME has the largest spectrum of courses from graduate to post graduate levels. We are fully dedicated to Management and Commerce Education only, unlike some others, for whom management is just one of the many streams, which makes them lose the focus.
IAME, therefore, offers infra-culture in addition to infrastructure. Our eco friendly Wi-Fi enabled modern campus is conducive for learning without distractions. Our faculty are a judicious mix of academicians and industry practitioners.

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Mahantesh B Nelavigi
Managing Director
Bilu M.V
Founder & CEO
“If you wish to climb the ladder of success,
make sure it is leaning against the right building”

If your aspire to be a successful management professional, it is not about just getting a degree. It is about grooming yourself to become a professional manager. It is also about preparing yourself to survive in the competitive world of business, whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate executive or a social worker.
The objective at IAME Bangalore is to assist you in developing into a well trained professional who can lead projects as well as people. Hence, IAME has adopted the ideology of helping our students to become productive Indian managers with international perspective through practice based learning.
But, any plan is only as good as its implementation. We have, therefore, established appropriate infrastructure and ifra-culture to deliver on our promise.
The basis for any B-school’s claim to quality education is its management and faculty. Unlike most others, our top management is directly involved in daily functioning and is always available for advice and counseling. Our teachers & support staff have been trained to look after student’s needs efficiently and effectively, as their family.

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“Learning is the key to excel in any given vertical”

Education is an important nutrition required for human kind today. Educating and Enriching the trainees to make them self-dependent and progress is what we believe in IAME, which actually denotes the Empowering the young generation.
We at IAME provide opportunities for every student to participate and perform, thus incubating them through hands on Live projects and assignments to nurture them as a young Management trainees . This incubation process enables and empowers the students for better and bright future. IAME has been in the forefront of the Corporate Relationship Activities.
We make constant efforts to update ourselves with the needs of the Corporates and equip you with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques required to fulfill those needs. Our experienced faculty were successful managers and bring practical knowledge to support you with case studies as supplementary to internet updates.

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Prof. Sunil B Rao