IAME Ideology

IAME strives to bring Global Knowledge (signified by the globe) and integrates it with Indian ethos (signified by the coloured curves as Indian diversity). IAME funnels this integrated knowledge into the curricula (signified by the right cone going into IAME) by taking the best from both Academic and Corporate worlds.

Consequently, the students of IAME grow (signified by left cone growing from bottom to top) into Global players (signified by the Globe again) retaining the Indian perspective and values (through CREST philosophy). IAME ensures all-round development (signified by the curved top of the cones) of the students by integrating both knowledge and skills into the learning environment (signified by the two seamlessly supportive cones).

IAME believes that excellence of an institute lies in its ability to add value to the academic directives of the universities. The objective is to set up special systems so that the students get full opportunity to develop themselves into true professionals, not limiting themselves only to the acquisition of a degree. IAME has, therefore, adopted 4 unique principles of Management Education, beyond the statutory requirements. This makes IAME graduates uniquely valuable to the Industries they serve.

Holistic Education
  • Full spectrum of management education from Undergraduate to Postgraduate studies
  • Additional subjects and activities while retaining basic structure of university curriculum
  • Option of Composite-Courses, leading to dual degrees within the same study period
Practice & Application

Value time devoted for honing the professional personality of the students through unique program

  • Management Skills Proficiency
  • Applied Management
  • Practice based learning
Industry Interface

The Industry expects students to be conversant with corporate practices and adaptable to corporate world. This is achieved through:

  • Internships & Mini projects
  • Industry practitioners as faculty
  • Guest lectures & Industry visits
Conducive Environment

The learning needs conducive environment. This is achieved through:

  • Eco-friendly campus in natural habitat
  • Away from the concrete jungle
  • Accent on Infra culture
  • Latest facilities