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"Be A Part of India’s top 1% B-School

Accredited in 2016 by “NAAC – National Assessment and Accreditation Council“
(An autonomous Institution of the UGC; Min. of HRD; Govt. of India)"

"Admissions Open for 2018 Batch- CAT/MAT/XAT/I-CET / K-MAT / C-MAT Scores Accepted. Ranked 35th in India and Ranked Top 11th in South India. Excellent Placements-Live Projects-Industry Interphase"

Chairman's Message



   Education is not plucking of fruits. It is learning to plant trees




Management Education in India is polarised between two distant extremes. At one end are the elite institutes which churn out products for the western world, with little regard for Indian needs. At the other end are colleges which teach management like any other course with the primary objective of passing the exams. This situation has led to pseudo employment of our Management graduates.  

IAME believes that, if India is to realise its dream of being a global leader, it needs managers at all levels, not only in the boardrooms. It needs both Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.  Also, as an international player, our youth need to become seamlessly connected to the world. What India needs is Indian Management with international perspective, while retaining Indian ethos and values.

Since Management is both science and art, it cannot be learnt the same way as other streams, which are either science or art. We are convinced that management can be learnt only through practice of theory, because management is situational and not deterministic.

IAME has been established with these avowed principles of Management Education, where our students learn to become productive Indian managers with international perspective through practice based learning.  

I urge young Indians to be part of this exciting new paradigm and, through IAME, make their future careers wholesome and rewarding.

Welcome to IAME 

H B Shivakumar


Mr. Shivakumar is a successful first generation entrepreneur with business interests in varied industries including, construction, floriculture and fabrications. His passion for nurturing young entrepreneurs has caused him to enter the educational field through IAME.  He has made it his mission to contribute to India’s growth story by providing appropriate management education to young Indians.

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