Strategic Alliances

Foro Europeo – Business School of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. FORO EUROPEO aims to be one of the top and most referenced Business Schools in Europe in the area of Leadership. IAME has an agreement with Foro Europeo to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs. The exchange agreement allows the students of IAME to study one full semester of their course

The BCD Group is a premier Knowledge Management company for providing inputs and consultancy in design of specific programs related to management training, which are necessary for graduates and postgraduates to make them job ready. IAME collaborates with BCD for its unique Corporate Interface Program aimed at imparting professional skill development to students

Indo European Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IECCI) is a non-profit, non-government organization; the dual objects of IECCI are business facilitation between India and European countries and socio-economic development of the community. IECCI is a business support organization and offers all services like trade information, matchmaking, market surveys, research, feasibility studies, export-import market development, legal & technical consultancy, etc. IAME is a Member on Expert Panel Committee with IECCI

Interactive Technology Software and Media Association (ITSMA). The overall objective of ITSMA is to assist in the development of the SMEs in the ICT sector, through networking, advocacy, consultancy, developing business partnerships and international expansion. IAME is a institutional Member with ITSMA for consulting, advocacy and collaborative project works has a fresh approach to business information dissemination on opportunities pertaining to major industrial sectors. The company aims at providing real-time capex (capital expenditure) related developments that occur in major and emerging economies in the Indian sub-continent. IAME has a collaboration for research, information analysis and project documentation with News on Projects